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Does the "Good Old Boy" system still exist in the State of Florida?

No Property Rights in the State of Florida 

Wetland to Dry Land -----Property Theft for Profit the Easy Way

The state of Florida is one of the best states in the USA to convert “under water, wetland pond and swamp” acreage property to “high and dry” and “increased value” acreage property. The first step to accomplish this transformation and profit gain is to find acreage property that is basically an under water swamp and contains large areas of wetland ponds with very little space for a suitable home site That underwater wetland pond  property must  be adjacent to acreage property that is “high and dry” with a small drainage area.  The plan is to reverse the situation in some manner so that the transformation of both properties can be designated as a legal and natural phenomenon.

Stage One--Preparation

The property that “A” buys must basically contain a very large swamp area of wetland ponds  that has the potential to be drained into the adjacent property that is high and dry but with a small drainage area close to the boundary. That drainage area of the “high and dry” property is of the utmost importance.


Nothing can be accomplished until two areas of concern are taken care of.  First, “A” must find someone such as a real estate agent, close relative or friend who will purchase the underwater swamp and pond land for, perhaps, a small financial reward, and live on the property for a very short period of time.


That person initiates the construction of the subsurface drainage system that “A” will use to dewater his property. Additional adjacent “under water” properties that belong to friends will most likely be included.  These friends will become part of the entire project. The water is drained into the “high and dry” property gradually so that the increase of water is not noticeable. The drainage only occurs during rainfall so as to give the impression that the increase in water is by way of “God” and not by the chosen buyer.

 Stage Two—The Purchase & Drainage Systems

After a period of about two years, “A” will purchase the “under water” swamp and pond property from his chosen buyer with the drainage system already in place. In that manner, “A” can not readily be blamed for the resulting serious flooding in the adjacent property. “A” negates any inquiry that suggests that he created or even knew that the subsurface system existed on the property after he purchases it and closes the deal. The initial stages of the serious flooding will occur by the former owner and not by “A”. In that manner, “A” will be able to maintain innocence.


When everything is in order, “A” purchases the property as a new owner who is not responsible for the actions taken by the former owner who was designated to accomplish the drainage system at its primary stage.  After purchasing the property, “A” will revise and upgrade the drainage system considerably as planned.


The subsurface drainage system is the one that can not be easily detected but is the best way to accomplish the transfer of all of the water from “A’s under water” property into the “high and dry” property. It is a system of drainage used by farmers to lower the water table on their properties so that crops that do not survive in wetlands can be planted. The water is pumped through underground pipes into underground layouts and then forced into an area of the farmer’s property that will be used entirely for that water retention. But in “A’s” case, the designated area to retain “A’s” water will be on the adjacent “high and dry property” and into the small drainage area that will increase severely in size as “A” increases the amount of water that is forced into that area.

Stage Three—The Deception Begins

It is important that “A” establishes that he is an honest, sincere and loving person. “A” is caring and trustworthy.  Attending church on a regular basis could be profitable. Obtaining credibility with the right politicians is an absolute. “A” must support the politicians that “A” knows employs “one hand washes the other” as a means of getting votes. Those politicians need “A’s” support and will give favors for that support. Having access to people in positions of authority who are willing to overlook violations, irregularities and civil and criminal infractions of laws for votes will eventually pay off.


The next step for “A” is to build some kind of house on the sliver of dry land and also advertise to all persons that he plans to acquire grazing animals to establish the need for a cattle pond exemption and grazing land. 


Even though the land that “A” purchased is basically an under water swamp during the wet spring, summer and fall months and contains large areas of wetland ponds, a Florida Agency will give “A” a cattle pond exemption to allow him to dig a deep, wide hole in the upland to supposedly fill with water for the cattle or horses that he supposedly plans to purchase and place on his land. “A” does purchase an animal but the huge excavated cattle pond ditch is never filled with water but the excavated upland soil “comes in handy”.  


The cattle pond exemption is an important part of the property transformation. Excavation of upland soil from this cattle pond exemption area must take place in the dry winter months when the large wetland areas on the property have very little water in them. The large amounts of upland soil from the cattle pond exemption area can be placed into the natural wetland areas and can be mixed with the natural wetland pond soil.  The area becomes somewhat elevated at the same time. The natural wetland pond soil is still apparent but is mixed with the excavated sandy upland soil from the upland cattle exemption area.  Upland grass is then planted in the area covered by sandy soil mixed with the natural wetland pond soil and grows side by side with the natural wetland pond plants. This mixture of soil and plants is part of the designated plan.


In Florida during the winter months the swamps are basically damp marshes or somewhat dry.  During this period of time, backhoes and other excavating machinery can be used very easily to move soil from one place to another.  Uplands can be rearranged without environmental interference but wetland areas are not to be touched. However, a political favor can bring about a ‘no violation”, if needed. With the authorities in “A’s” corner, there will be no violation charges or any charges for any other illegal activity. When the “no violation” has been issued, huge truckloads of soil are delivered to “A’s” property to fill the cattle pond exemption ditch. The exemption ditch has never been filled with water nor has it been used to “water” any animals but has accomplished the desired results.


During this period of excavation and filling the use of the subsurface drainage must be increased. The small wetland area in the “high and dry” neighboring property must expand to cover a much larger area and the water level must also increase.  A control station must be acquired and a large amount of water must remain on that “high and dry” adjacent property so as to allow the upland soil and plant life to be replaced by pond soil and plant life.  The increase must include acreage that is located close to the boundary so as to make it appear as though the water from that “high and dry” adjacent property can flow into “A’s” property. This is a very important part of the plan.

Stage Four—Environmental Agency Deception

When the time is right and the “high and dry” property owner begins to suspect foul play instead of the stories “A” has been telling as to why and how the water increased on that “high and dry” property, “A” engages the environmental authorities to come to his property to allow “A” to elevate his land for a reason that appears as a logical and correct use of the land. However, the areas to be filled with upland soil and elevated for the logical and correct use is the entire under water wetland and pond area that has been rearranged by “A”


 The topography maps and plat maps indicate that the under water wetlands and ponds are exactly where they are supposed to be. There is wetland pond soil and there are wetland pond plants and water contained in the area that is to be converted into an elevated upland to accommodate the created logical and correct planned use of the area.  


The environmental agency personnel who investigate must have a close relationship in some manner to “A’s” friendly politicians who engage in “one hand washes the other”. The wetlands and ponds are not buried but still on “A’s” land but the reports must reflect that they are not there. The topography map delineations that have been placed as random lines on the plat maps that are recorded in the county records department state that the ponds and wetlands are on the property as indicated when “A” purchased his property. However, those maps must be discarded as ancient history. 


The pond plants and soil are clearly visible indicating that the natural wetlands and ponds are not buried but are alive and well in the areas as indicated on the plat maps and the topographic maps. There is water contained in that area. However, the excavated upland soil from the cattle pond excavation is also very visible and so is the upland grass that “A” planted in those wetland and pond areas.


Samples of soil and plant life are taken by the agency exactly in the areas that will produce the desired proof that will support what “A” wants the agency to report. The final report states,” no violation”.  It also states that the pond soil and pond plant life and water that is discovered in the natural wetland areas on “A’s” property exactly where they should be located have “inundated” into “A’s” property from the adjacent ”high and dry” property. Also, the reports state that the original wetlands and ponds were buried by a previous owner a very long time ago. Orthography maps that are presented by the agency indicate that no water has been retained on “A’s” property during the time that “A” resided on that property or during the time that the previous owner (“A’s chosen friend) owned the property. The agency also knows that there is no water visible on those maps because they were taken during the period of time that the initial stages of the subsurface drainage system was draining the water from “A’s” property into the adjacent “high and dry” property. No water is seen on “A’s” property on those maps because it was being drained into that adjacent property. A substantial amount of water is seen on that adjacent property because it was being drained there from “A’s” property by a subsurface drainage system.  That information is buried. All evidence gathered and used for the final report supports the outcome that “A” devised prior to any of the investigations. The agency is designated as the absolute expert with absolute expertise and what is written on the agency’s reports becomes “biblical truth” without challenge.

Stage Five- Wetland to Dry Land 100% Profit

 “A’s” property increases in value 100% as established by the county property tax appraiser. The adjacent “former high and dry” property is now the “under water swamp and ponds” property with a very large marsh and swamp area instead of the small retention area. The marsh and swamp covers four of the five acres. That adjacent property decreases in value 100%.


“A” sells his land as “high and dry” for a very substantial profit. The person who buys it will very likely maintain the subsurface drainage system and the arrangement of the elevated land that facilitates rapid flow of storm water into the adjacent property.

Stage Six--Character Assassinate the Victim & Legal Land Theft Completed

The adjacent property owner files a law suit to regain the land to restore it.  However, “A’s” access to the elected politicians and other elected people in authority allows “A” the support needed to maintain the situation “as is”. Devious and unscrupulous actions are used against the owner of the “former high and dry” adjacent property by those “one hand washes the other” politicians  in authority to not only destroy the law suit , but to  designate that owner as having no credibility as to documented evidence in support of the claim.

Summary—“One Hand Washes the Other” Political Support & Elderly Victims

This form of land theft is best when applied to elderly property owners. Their life spans are so short that they will presumably go to nursing homes or die within a very short period of time and the heirs will probably sell for whatever amount that they can obtain. In addition “A” has friends who will find ways to consume the resources of these people so they will have to end the fight and allow “A’s” profitable sale to go through and “A’s” land to become “high and dry “forever thereafter. 


This form of land theft is apparently very legal in the state of Florida. The politicians turn a deaf ear to the victims because they gain financial support for their campaign coffers from the perpetrators. Politicians also gain strong support to retain their positions as everlasting incumbents. Does the “Good Old Boy” system still exist in the State of Florida?


Disclaimer: The circumstances, persons alive or dead and agencies designated in this writing are not intended to be applied to any actual persons alive or dead, circumstances or agencies. However, if there are persons alive or dead, circumstances and agencies that are applicable, it is coincidental.   



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